My Seoul Bucket List

A bucket list…because when’s the next time I’m going to be in Korea with so much spare time?

There’s so much to see, do and experience (even though it has already been 2 weeks!)…15 things! 88 things! 101 things!!

Here’s my list too:

Food and Drink
1. Drink soju over kbbq
2. Drink soju and makgeoli cocktails
3. Go to an “alcohol house”
4. Pick a live fish and eat it 5 minutes later at Noryanjin Fish Market
5. Eat bindaetteok and mayak gimbap at Gwangjang Market
6. Try live octopus at Noryanjin Fish market
7. Eat and drink at a pojangmacha
8. Try raw beef – yukhoe
9. Try the street food/have it for dinner! – chestnuts, sweet potato, hotteok, egg bread, mandu
10. Try jokbal
11. Try dakbal
12. Order KFC! Korean Fried Chicken!
13. Eat Korean ice cream
14. Try Banana milk
15. Eat good Korean patbingsoo
16. Try traditional samgyetang on a cold day
17. Visit cafes and experience Korean cafe culture
18. Try famous kalguksu
19. Visit food markets and just eat
20. Try a traditional Korean banquet

Touristy Stuff
21. Stroll along Cheonggyecheon on a nice day
22. Visit an “old” neighborhood in Seoul
23. Try on a hanbok (do it for free at the Tourist Culture Centers – Myeongdong, Insadong, etc.)
24. Go up to N Seoul Tower – watch the sunset and city light up after dark
25. See the Han River Banpo Bridge rainbow show
26. Buy traditional souvniers at Insadong
27. See a Royal Palace
28. Climb Seoul City Wall parks
29. Go to a Han River Cafe
30. Visit the KPop scene in apgujeong
31. Take a selfie – before eating, while playing, acting touristy, etc

32. Go to a club/bar in Gangnam/Hongdae
33. Watch street performances at Hongdae and Hyehwa
34. Hang out at dog/cat cafes!
35. Explore a university
36. Explore Korean public transport
37. Take sticker pictures with friends
38. Sing your heart out at a noraebang (karaoke room)
39. Visit a multibang
40. Try drinking at a Hof

41. Go crazy and shop in Myeongdong and Dongdaemun after dark
42. Collect free cosmetics samples in Myeongdong just by walking in
43. Buy cheap clothes at underground shopping malls
44. Buy lots and lots of cute stuff – Ehwa
45. Buy cute and cheap Korean socks
46. Bargain with street vendors
47. Buy the latest gadgets at Yongsan Electronics Market
48. Go grocery shopping – lotte, e-mart

49. Leave a mark in Korea – Write on the walls
50. Practice your Korean with the locals
51. Get mistaken as a local
52. Work out on public exercise machines
53. See a celebrity
54. Make use of free wifi in Korea! – too bad it drains my phone battery
55. Learn and improve my Korean
56. See snow – both fallen and falling
57. Make the most of my experience and leave with minimal regrets

1 month left! Hwaiting!

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